How can I be successful with Outside?

Klaus from Outside

Last Update 9 months ago

Here are some tips from the Outside team to help you be a successful agent:

1. Do your best - businesses are constantly looking out for hard working agents who consistently show up for shifts, and good work ethic and initiative are more ways to sweeten the deal with supervisors. All factors above also affect your community rating, which will help you to stand out even more!

2. Commit when you can - send offers and commit to shifts only when you are sure you can show up and complete it well. Cancellation of shifts only frustrates businesses as they scramble for replacements. Furthermore, cancellations may negatively affect your community score.

3. Be Punctual, Be Ready - Arrive appropriately dressed for the job. Better yet, arrive early if you can. Arriving early shows readiness and provides a good first impression.

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