How do I contact my Hirer if I have any questions? What is my main way of contacting a hirer?

Klaus from Outside

Last Update 9 months ago

Outside has an in-app chat that allows you to reach out to your hirers if you have any questions. This feature is available the second you are confirmed for a shift.

1. Select a shift under the “Confirmed” section of your “Schedule” tab, which can be found from the bottom tray of icons.

2. In the individual shift page, select the “View Chat” button at the bottom of the page.

We recommend you to use the chat to communicate with the hirer both before and during a shift for any issues, questions or clarifications.

The chat will also record timestamps such as your clock in and out times, as well as any timing edits by the Hirer.

For ease of management and to aid any investigations should the need arise, the Outside team strongly encourages that all communications between the agents and yourself be kept within the Outside platform, unless absolutely necessary. 

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