How do I apply for a shift on Outside?

Klaus from Outside

Last Update 9 months ago

You can apply for shifts on the Outside app via:

1. View the ‘Browse’ tab from the bottom tray of icons and select your desired job.

2. Read through all job information to see if it is the right fit for you. This includes factors such as location, attire, and grooming standards.

3. Select ‘View Shifts’ to view and choose your available shifts.

4. Once you’ve chosen your shifts, select ‘Review’ for a summary of your selected shifts and ‘Confirm’ to send an offer to the hirer.

5. Await for confirmation from the hirer. Shifts that you have been hired for will appear under the ‘Confirmed’ section.

Note that certain jobs may require additional screening procedures before you are allowed to view shifts. Also, do ensure that your shifts are confirmed before attending them.

View our quick guide here on what to do when you’ve been accepted for a shift

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