Can I take up multiple jobs at the same time? Is there a maximum number of shifts I can book?

Klaus from Outside

Last Update 9 months ago

You are free to take on as many different shifts as your individual schedule permits.

Multiple offers can be sent with no restrictions. However, the first shift confirmed by a hirer will automatically cancel any other pending offers that are clashing. Furthermore, you will not be able to send out any more offers for shifts that coincide with your confirmed shift.

For example, if you send offers to jobs A, B and C for a shift on 1 September, 10am-4pm, and the hirer for Job B accepts it first, your offers to Jobs A and C for that shift will be automatically cancelled.

You will also not be able to send new offers for any other shifts that overlap with the shift on 1 September, 10am-4pm.

Outside recommends that our agents factor in any travelling time between different shifts. Aside from overloading yourself, being late or missing shifts that you have been confirmed for would lead to deductions to your community rating.

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