How do I get started? How do I create an account?

Klaus from Outside

Last Update 9 months ago

You can find the Outside app by searching for “Outside: Work on Demand” on either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store below:

- Apple IOS

- Android

After downloading the Outside app, create an account in just a few simple steps:

1. After launching the app, select the “Create an account” option.

2. Provide an email address and password for the account. Afterwards, read and agree to Outside’s Terms of Use and Privacy Statement to proceed to the next step.

3. Input your name. This step is required in case you choose to verify your identity via SingPass later.

4. Take a profile photo through the Outside app. Do follow the guidelines provided as your photo will be used to help identify you during shifts, and is visible to hirers when you send offers. You may change your profile photo at a later time through your settings later.

5. Next, select “SingPass verification”, followed by “Verify Identity via SingPass”. Upon doing so, you’ll be redirected to log into your SingPass through your phone’s web browser. Lastly, select “I Agree” after logging in to be redirected back to the Outside app.

View the information required for SingPass verification here. 

6. Input your banking details. Do note that this information will be used for weekly payouts from Outside for completed shifts.

After you’ve created an account on Outside, do browse through our list of jobs! View our quick guide here on how to apply for shifts on our platform.

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